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At the House of Glamourgan LLC, publishing is our dream come true.  We will be offering new authors and new books on a variety of spiritual topics.  Never forget you all have a book inside of you.  If you would like more information please contact us.  New authors and their books arriving soon.

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Glamourgan is an American author, spiritual teacher & the founder of House of Glamourgan publishing


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Books and Ebooks

Lady of the Goddess- Becoming a Priestess in the New World. Author, Glamourgan


Lady of the Goddess is a self-study guide that provides celebration ideas for the eight neopagan seasons of the year and honoring the divine feminine. A deeper, richer understanding of contemporary Goddess Spirituality is presented. Goddesses from both North America and Europe are blended into modern spiritual practices, rituals, and traditions. Hear her-story through the eyes of the Goddess. This book is a treasure trove of symbols, tales of the Goddess, and her mysteries. Step onto the Goddess path and become a Priestess of the Goddess. Incorporate into your life a new sweet-trackway to sisterhood and Queendom. Remember ancient wisdom and become a sovereign Lady of the Goddess. Crown yourself and friends as a Priestess of the Goddess. You will find this is a living book. Every time you read it, you will see something you didn't see before. Glamourgan is an international spiritual teacher and inspirational coach. She is hostess to Goddess and Sacred Site Tours. She is the author of original Goddess Scopes Horoscopes™, sun sign based horoscopes interpreted through the eyes of the Goddess. She created this Priestess of the Goddess Study Program, Levels 1-3. Lady of the Goddess is Book 1 in this study program.

Release Date: January 28, 2020

Thank you for buying my book. ~ Glamourgan.  

Heroine and Seductress - Lilith and Eve In the Garden of Paradise. Author, Glamourgan


  In the beginning, there was the word, and the word brought forth the world. There was only the heavens and earth. Then god created the first man, Adam, but man was lonely, so god gave him a wife. Her name was Lilith. She was a bitch, so he sent her away and said, “god, I need a better wife. The last one you sent me didn’t do anything I wanted her to do.” Then god made Eve; she was flirtatious and seemingly interested in sex with Adam. But she was a tricky one. Adam never could quite figure out how she got him to eat that apple. So now, the rest is history. Not herstory. Wait to you hear what Eve and Lilith have to say about Adam.

Release Date September 30, 2020

Lady of the Goddess ~ Signed by the Author

Would you like a signed copy, by the author, of the Lady of the Goddess, Becoming a Priestess of the Goddess in Her New World?  Order here

Writer's Coaching Seminar Series with Glamourgan

May 03, 2020 – September 27, 2020


Writer’s Coaching Seminar Series

House of Glamourgan LLC Publishing with Glamourgan

Group 2 for 2020

May 03, 2020 – September 27, 2020

Meetings are on Sunday's with a one and a two-week break


17 Sessions – Course Dates 

Cost $510

Weekly training topics are provided prior to each classroom date.

Attendance is required at all classroom dates. Publishing contracts are offered at the end of the course. All content must be finished at the end of the program to be offered a publishing contract.

No Refunds Offered Under Any Circumstance. You must attend all seminar sessions to receive the full benefit of the program.

Classroom Dates: 

• May 03, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

One Week Break

• May 17, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

• May 24, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

• May 24, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

• May 31, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

One Week Break - Gypsy Goddess Festival

• June 14, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

Two Week Break for Father’s Day and Goddess Tours with Glamourgan

• July 5, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

• July 12, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

• July 19, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

• July 26, Sunday at 6:30 pm PT

• August 2, Sunday 6:30 pm PT

• August 9, Sunday 6:30 pm PT

• August 16, Sunday 6:30 pm PT

• August 23, Sunday 6:30 pm PT

• August 30, Sunday 6:30 pm PT

• September 14, Monday 6:30 pm PT

Break for two-week weeks - Goddess Tours with Glamorgan

• September 27, Sunday, 6:30 pm PT

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Writer's Coaching Seminar ~ 17- Week Seminar Series

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