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Glamourgan is best known to her community as an internationally-acclaimed spiritual advisor and inspirational coach. Her consultations are positive, honest, authentic and to the point!  Glamourgan believes if you are willing to reach for your passions and your dreams you can have them.  Believe it is inevitable that you will succeed and you will! Be unstoppable! Travel with her on one of her magical Goddess and Sacred Site Tour to England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland! 

In the Beginning

Glamourgan's, Personal Narrative

In 1991, Glamourgan was a student at Central Washington University, studying Exercise Science, but on the other side of the library, she was exploring psychology, philosophy, mythology, and world religions.  She heard about a special metaphysical event happening in Seattle, Washington and decided to attend.  

Hay House was having a New Age Symposium with leading spiritual teachers of "New Thought" including Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, and Deepak Chopra.  This event changed her life.  On that very special day, she had the pleasure of meeting off-stage, each of these soon-to-be, worldwide, popular authors.  Her sweetest memory of the event was her conversation with Louise Hay and the warmth of their kind embrace.  Deepak and Wayne were also meeting for the first time and decided to do some touring together.

From that moment on, Glamourgan opened her mind and devoted her life to studying broader realms of spirituality.  In 1992, Glamourgan began to study "A Course in Miracles." She spent countless hours listening to Marianne Williamson on cassette tapes.  She found inspiration in the fountain of wisdom, explained in these teachings.

Marianne Williamson, also a Hay House Author, made an appearance in Seattle in 2004.  After many years of reading Marianne's books and listening to cassettes/CD's on "A Course in Miracles," she finally met Marianne, in person.  She had a chance to thank Marianne for the spiritual contribution she had made in her life.  Marianne autographed her book, The Gift of Change. "For Glamourgan, with love, Marianne Williamson."  Now Glamourgan is a volunteer in Marianne's Grass Roots and Buzz Team.  These are two of many teams supporting Marianne in her campaign run to become the Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential election.

After attending an Angel Therapy Practitioner® course on the Big Island of Hawaii, Glamourgan decided with much anticipation to apply to a premier website to be a spiritual advisor.  After a rigorous interview process, she was hired. Thanksgiving 2009, was the beginning of Glamourgan's professional metaphysical career.  

Glamourgan had also studied many metaphysical subjects over the years, from astrology to Goddesses in mythology.  She decided to combine the two and create, "Goddess Scopes Horoscopes™."  These were sun-sign based horoscopes as viewed through the eyes of the Goddess. Each month a new Goddess was assigned to each astrological sign and a story about the month would reveal itself.  The planet Venus also played a significant role in each month's interpretation.

On November 23, 2010, Glamourgan appeared on Hay House Radio for a special guest appearance. The show still appears in the archives on Hay House Radio.  

Glamourgan hosted many internet radio shows, on CBS Radio, Achieve Radio and others.  She has interviewed on her show, many of her friends from Hay House including authors Colette Baron-Reid; singer/musician, Skye Dyer (daughter of Wayne  Dyer); author, Susan Dintino; as well as award-winning musical composer, Marco Missinato; Professional Body Building Champion: Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. World and Mr. Universe,  Avtar Nordine Zouareg; and Italian (Strega) witchcraft author, Raven Grimmassi and his lovely spouse and recent widow, Stephanie Taylor. Other amazing talents on her show include Vedic astrologer Mo Abdelbaki and Psychic Katt.  

Hay House Radio generated many new opportunities for Glamourgan that led her to journey and teach throughout Europe. Glamourgan leads magical Goddess and Sacred Site Tours to locations such as England, Ireland, Scotland, and France.  The historical information about the Goddess makes each journey, with a group of women, spectacular. In 2011, Glamourgan led her first group of ladies to the mythological Isle of Glass, Glastonbury, England.  They explored beyond the small mystical town, to the surrounding area; extending their sojourn to the supposed birthplace of King Arthur, in Cornwall.  Later reaching the luxurious City of Bath, with its Georgian styled architecture and Roman Temple/Museum, a sacred site dedicated to the Goddess Sulis-Minvera.

What prompted her radical change in career, was the passing of Glamourgan's husband. On February 8, 2008, Glamourgan and her youngest daughter went to a town hall meeting in Tacoma to see Hillary Clinton.  A copy of Hillary's book, "Living History,"  was tucked under her arm, hoping to get it signed by the First Lady, herself. Thousands of people were there that day.  Glamourgan's very sweet young eight-year-old daughter kept inching her way up to the platform, where Hillary stood surrounded by a couple of bodyguards.  When Hillary was finished with her speech, she was immediately available to personally meet and greet her audience.  Glamourgan's daughter was the very first person to the base of the platform.  Astonished by their luck, the only thing Glamourgan knew to say was, "will you sign my book for my daughter."  Ms. Clinton agreed.   Late that night, only a few hours later, Glamourgan's husband John died.  His deceased body was found on February 9, 2008. He died from cardiomyopathy. Since that time, she has dedicated the last 12 years of her life, to sharing her 55 years of experience and knowledge of metaphysics, Goddess spirituality and her/history.  She provides spiritual coaching and support for women. 

Glamourgan's background in religious studies was a lifetime of education.  Beginning with attending private Baptist school from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Regularly family membership and attendance in the Foursquare church until she was seventeen years old.  Because publically funded financial aid would allow her to earn an accredited degree in religious studies, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science.  However, simultaneously she lived in the religious, metaphysical, and mythological studies section of the University's library.  She continued with her religious and spiritual studies her entire life.  

Just in case she needs more information to fill in her research and studies, she has a voluminous library filled with over a thousand books, including everything from a Course in Miracles to Priestess of Avalon Priestess of the Goddess.  


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