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Lady of the Goddess - Live Like a Goddess

Priestess of the Goddess One-Year Studies

Become a Priestess of the Goddess.   

Revealed in this program are Her many teachings and secrets. Immerse yourself in this One-year study program. Learn about Goddess herstory, how to celebrate her seasons, her symbols, her enchanting tales with explanations of their original meanings.  Deeper wisdom will be known by you as the Goddess unveils Herself.  Slip behind the veil and take a peek at her wisdom. 

Register today and receive your first textbook and additional study materials.  Over the course of one year, you will receive a detailed outline of the materials: books, PDFs, audio, video, live commentary, and other surprises.   

Live Group Classes and One on One Support with Glamourgan- every Full Moon!

Requirements: phone access, computer or tablet (ie: iPad, Android tablet), email address to receive materials, snail-mail address, Facebook account, an open heart, and a willingness to learn.

The program is semi-self-paced. However, all required submissions materials and should be completed seasonally.  We celebrate eight seasons

Although, not required it is strongly suggested that you go with me on one of my Goddess and Sacred Site Tours to the first Modern Day Goddess Temple in Glastonbury, England to participate in live Priestess of the Goddess Celebrations.  Participate in ceremonies and visit ancient sacred Goddess sites.

Here is a brief outline of the Goddess revealed.  

More detailed outline teachings are only available for Priestesses enrolled in the program.

Lady of the Goddess One-Year Outline Revealed


Cleopatra The Last Pharoah of Egypt and the Magic of Isis

North American Goddess Wheel of The Year 

Goddess Spirituality 101 

Sea Goddess Magic

Seasons of the Goddess

Summer Solstice - Midsummers Day – Litha

Fields of Gold Lammas – Lughnasadh

Fall Equinox – Mabon

Magical Samhain

Winter Solstice – Yule – Merry Goddess Christmas

Let the Party Begin with Imbolc

Spring Equinox – Ostara

Fiery Beltane


Finding the Goddess in Fairytales

Healing with Spiritual Bathing

The Moon - Everything She Does is Magic

Creating Altars

Crowning Ceremony Lady of The Goddess

Goddesses of 1,000 Names

Pioneers and Herstory of Goddess Spirituality - A Timeline

Secrets of the Holy Grail

Goddess Art

Sacred Living

The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone -The Hag

Marrying the Land and the Sacred Marriage

Sacred Goddess Sites and Temples Revealed

Magical Crafting

Brigit's Crosses 


How to create Ceremony and Ritual

Magic Wands

Goddess Sculpture

Smudging Stick

Goddess Garden

Goddess Blessings,



Book Included

Priestess of the Goddess

Lady of the Goddess Registration - One Full Year Immersion

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Priestess of the Goddess One-Year Study Program

Begins May 30, 2020

First Season Celebrations Midsummers Day - Summer Solstice - Litha